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About Us
By the grace of Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Kumar Baba started Baba Prayer Centre in June 1996. It was the result of call from Sri Shirdi Baba Himself who entrusted Sri Kumar Baba with the responsibility of working for the welfare of His devotees. The Anna Baba Charities was later formed by Guruji Sri Kumar Baba and with his guidance 108 devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba who are called as ‘Sai Souls’ constructed the Anna Baba Mandir for Shirdi Sai Baba near Poonamalee in Chennai, India. The motto of this temple is "Anbu, Amaidhi and Annadanam" meaning (Love, peace and food for all). For more details please visit our website  Every Thursday Mass Prayer is held in the Anna Baba Mandir. The prayer requests of the devotees are read out before Anna Baba and everyone participates in this prayer along with Guruji Kumar Baba. For devotees who are far away, Sri Kumar Baba has initiated a special email id. Devotees can hereafter mail Guruji at or
Functions at the Anna Baba mandir:
Navarathri Celebrations: Navarathri will be celebrated this year from 23rd Sep 2006 to 2nd Oct 2006.
Shirdi Maha Aarthi everyday from 6 pm to 6:30 pm
28 9 2006 Baba Sahasranamam after the Thursday prayer, and Maha Aarthi
29 9 2006  Lalitha Sahasranamam after the Maha Aarthi at 6: 30 pm
30 9 2006 Vishnu Sahasranamam  after the Maha Aarthi at 6: 30 pm
2 10 2006 Baba’s Mahasamadhi Day Celebrations Continuous Sai Sat Charita Ek Din Parayana. Circumambulation of Anna Baba Moorthy 108 times to get rid of financial difficulties.   
 All devotees are given an opportunity to perform Maha Aarthi. Prasad will be distributed on all days after the pooja.
H H Sri Saidas Baba – A tribute by H H Guruji Sri Kumar Baba and devotees of Anna Baba Mandir- Chennai
The most sacred H H Sri Saidas Babaji became one with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba on 1 9 2006. It is believed that he attained siddhi while meditating, a befitting way for the passing away of a great soul.
Guruji Sri Kumar Baba first met Sri Saidas Babaji in September 2001 in side the Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi, when he went to place the silver padukas which was to be installed in the Anna Baba Mandir which was under construction .Perhaps it was rinanubandha and Sai’s wish that brought Sri Saidas Baba and Sri Kumar Baba together. While Sri Kumar Baba placed the Padukas and the Kumbabhishekam invitation at the holy feet of Sai Baba inside the Samadhi Mandir to get it consecrated by Sri Sai Baba, Sri SaiDas Baba spontaneously placed his head on the padukas and enquired about the Padukas. Sri  Kumar Baba told him about the Anna Baba mandir, gave him the invitation and asked him to preside over the function. Sri Saidas Baba was first hesitant, because of his hectic schedule, but then Sri Saidas Baba said that he always decided only after asking permission from Sai Baba and they both decided to draw a lot inside the samadhi mandir and decide. So two chits were written , one ‘go to Chenai for Kumbabhishekam ‘ and other ‘ go to chennai after Kumbabhishekam - and  the chit ‘ go to chennai for kumbabhishekam ’ was picked. He  immediately  gave his consent. Sri Sai Das Baba left after inviting Sri Kumar Baba for the Mahakumbabhishekam of his Baba temple at Ujjain called as Prashanthi Dham, which is constructed in a sprawling 45-acre land on the banks of the Shipra River.  In Jan 2002 Sri Kumar Baba and Guru Patni Smt Srimathi left for Ujjain and attended the Mahakumbabhishekam of Prashanthi Dham. This was where Sri Kumar Baba and Sri Saidas Baba developed intimate relationship as their motto  was one- unification of all Sai devotees. This  was to continue.
As promised, Sri Sai Das Baba presided over the Kumbabhishekam of Anna Baba temple in April 25, 2002. On this occasion he gave a divine discourse to the devotees wherein he underlined that devotees should not just ask for material things from Sai but should attempt to keep them in their hearts. He asked us to always say, “Aao Sai, Kao Sai, Barson Sai” (come Sai eat with us and take your place in our hearts”)
A year after the Mahakumbabhishekam of Prashanthi dham in Ujjain, Sri Saidas Baba invited Sri Kumar Baba and his volunteers for special pooja celebrations at Ujjain. We went to Ujjain with our Guruji and took part in the various poojas conducted there.  It was a feast for our eyes and ears. We had the opportunity to witness the Srinivasa Kalyana mahotsavam which is usually performed in Tirupathi. This was done here as it is being done in Tirupathi. Even the Vastram for Perumal and Thayar and the garlands were brought from Tirupathi and the Kalyana Uthsavam was a replica of the same in Tirupathi. There were divine discourses every day by prominent Sadhus and Guruji Sri Kumar Baba also gave a speech on this occasion. We can never forget the hospitality extended to each and every one of us. Sri Saidas Baba took personal interest  in all His devotees’ welfare and had made elaborate arrangements for this function so that all the devotees who had come from all parts of the world could take part and attend the same comfortably. 
In 2005, we had another opportunity to be with Sri Sai Das Baba when he invited us over to Shirdi. We went along with our Guruji and attended the special Dhuni Pooja organized by him. As soon as we landed in Shirdi, we had tokens for the Satyanarayana Pooja, which he arranged specially for his devotees and we attended the pooja. He had made arrangements for a feast of buffet lunch after the pooja and made sure that he spent some time with us. He enquired about all of us and made sure that we felt comfortable in Shirdi. In spite of his indifferent health condition, to mark the 80th birthday of Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba, Sri Sai Das Baba circumambulated the Gurusthan 80 times with a Kalasam on his head while Sri Kumar Baba chanted the Moola Mantra.
Sri Sai Das Baba has never failed to visit Anna Baba Mandir whenever he passed through Chennai. He came to our mandir in December 2005 with his devotees to attend the Maha Mrithunjaya Homam performed in our temple and he didthe Poorna Ahuthi. That was the last time we saw him . It is very sad to even think that he is not with us any more. His sudden demise came as a shock to us but we are only comforted by the feeling that he has become one with Sai. Though we felt sad that we could not take part in His Mahasamadhi due to lack of time, as per the instructions of Guruji Sri Kumar Baba, the devotees of the Anna Baba mandir chanted the Sai Gayathri from 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm during His mahasamadhi.
"He who humbleth himself shall be exalted." (Lk. 14:11). Sri Sai Das Baba was such a humble person. His seva to Sai and his service to Sai devotees will be remembered forever.  The best homage we can pay to Sri Sai Das Babaji is to constantly chant his simple prayer, ‘ Baba chalo mere saath, raho mere saath, Mere kaam kar ke do “ ( Baba come with me, be with me and do my work for me_)Sai Ram.
108 Potrigal and explanation   9-14   English explanation by Mr. Natarajan – Chennai
Meaning:Om One who has transcended all religions Be praised Om
Explanation: Oh! You, the wonderful incarnation, the wholesome original entity, the holy image of Wisdom and Knowledge, thou bestowing permanent and boundless happiness, Where is caste for You and Your followers? Where is religion? Beyond the confines of religious faith as beacon light (light house) to all the people of various religious  faiths acquiring all their practices , You the all pervasive deity Sai , who preached that for a soul there is no caste or religion and that all the religions are the various routes to end up at the feet of God, we offer our obeisance to You. Conjoining Muslims’ ‘Urus” with Hindus’ Sri Rama Navami’festival, renovating mosque and Hindu temples without disparity, transcending religions, Oh! You, the treasure of wisdom beyond the confines of religion, annihilating ego and bodily attachment for the one who thinks of submitting himself wholly; preaching that there are no caste, religion, creed, country and the like and living as preached, finding no difference within any caste, religion and creatures, Oh God Sai! We Hail Thee.
Meaning:Om One who has given darshan in the form of a snake Be praised Om
Explanation: Oh! Saideva, “The Saguna Brahmam” As we have a form, it becomes natural and easy for us to worship God with a form. Sainath! The incarnation of Brahmam! You have formed Yourself omnipotent  by the prowess of Your divine energy. You have transformed Yourself as various beings and forms with  your immeasurable power. Existing in all living organisms, You have revealed Yourself  as this world’s very big performer of rope doll dancer. You have appeared as a snake in Balaji Patel’s house at Shirdi and at Coimbatore, next to Chennai on your auspicious Thursday, listening to bhajans, accepting flowers and milk and allowing Your devotees to worship You in the form of a snake. Oh You ‘Naga Sai’ existing as atom within atom, as life in our body, in all, existing as light within and brightening our soul, entering in our hearts and pervading as merciful Samaritan! We hail You and offer obeisance. For our Sagun worship  Oh ! You appeared as snake. Where is life without your command? Where is the object? Where is the place?  In all we envision Your image only.
Meaning: Om One who removes the grief of the seekers and is a yogi Be Praised Om
Explanation: You, who are desire less and infinite, and who revealed through Your various followers, that several state of deep sorrow will be eradicated by Your divine blessing for those who follow and worship You, we offer our Obeisance.  You stood by Babu Tendulkar and Sri Sevade’e studies  and redressed their grievance. Following the plea of Sri Sapetnaker, You lodged his dead child in his wife’s womb . Redeeming the lost horse of Chand Patil, you alleviated His grief. Inserting your hand in the furnace, You saved the child of a blacksmith that fell in to the fire from His wife’s waist. . Consenting to the prayer o f Baija Bai you saved the life of her son Tatya  at the cost of your life. Baba!  What to add and what to leave out? You blessed Sathe at the completion of his sapthagam. You allayed the grief of the distressed Hemadpant by sending him to Shama for advice. Oh! What mercy! How are we to reckon this with our knowledge? We got the virtue of praying and worshipping You by dint of ‘rinanubandha’. Accept us Oh Sai!    
Meaning: Om One who resides in Shirdi and One who is the Lord of Siddhi  Be Praised Om
Explanation: Keeping awake while this world is sleeping with the chant of ‘Allah’ all the time and sleeping while the world is awake, You who are Omnipresent. As Your Holy Feet stamped Shirdi soil it was accredited with extraordinary importance. Blessing the tender grass and stones, elevating Shirdi as a impotant pilgrim place like Pandarpur and Dwaraka by living there Oh! Sai Baba we pay our obeisance. Though a Siddha Purusha You acted like an ordinary Sadhaka . With the help of your small knife and Satka You who excavated coal from the land and water therefrom, You who transformed the saline water in the Shirdi well in to sweet drinking water by throwing flowers into it, You who revealed Your self manifestation to Balaram Mankar at the Machindra ghat and appeared as a villager at the railway station at Jalgaon, What to spell out about Your Siddhic Powers? And what to leave out? Oh! Sai, Siddheswara, leader of Siddhas, I pay obeisance to You.
Meaning: Om One who wroughts miracles Be Praised Om
Explanation: Oh! Sai, Your feet, thoughts and Holy vision (darshan) are sacro sanet. As embodiment of soul, as unknown to anybody performing amazing feats, You appear as if You are not concerned with them. Through Your Jamner wonder, there was safe delivery for Maina Tai, through mango wonder, child for Damu Anna. The wonder of your sleeping on the poor plank hung at the ceiling of the mosque with the help of dilapidated cloth, converting grapes with seeds as seedless ones for Mr. Thakker- all these are most wonderful experiences. Besides performing countless feats of wonder or miracles as it is called, You incarnated only to do us good. Oh Sai! Our Atmaram, pure divine embodiment of happiness, its abode; performing yet another wonder will You transform us into desire- free ones and puritans? We beseech You and pray to You, God, Kindly have mercy on us.
Meaning: Om The saint who shows the path of liberation Be Praised Om
Explanation: Sage Thiruvalluvar classified our life’s ideals into four sections. In this ‘Veedu” (home) denotes the stage of our reaching ‘mukthi”. To attain this Mukthi we have to surrender to a Guru (Preceptor) and follow his guidelines. Once, Baba looking at Kaka Sahib Dikshit said, “ I will escort you in a flower bedecked viman” (i.e. secure him happy death). In 1926, while traveling in a train, Kakasaheb, deeply engrossed in Sai Baba, with no trace of pain and uneasiness breathed his last on Hemadpant’s shoulder. This happened after Baba’s Mahasamadhi. Sri Ramakrishna said, ‘ To get the favour of God as desired, we must have firm faith in Naam Jap (chanting the name of God). We must differentiate certainty from uncertainty.” Each one straining his body and then venturing and getting the wage commensurate with the extent of the effort put in is the ultimate stage called mukthi. (Kural). Our Baba who revealed the quintessence of these two through your life and teachings, You have shown us the easy way to the ultimate goal of our life – mukthi. Our Sai, we pay obeisance to You.
Bhagavatham, Gita and several other Holy books are being read out to those at the terminal stage of death. Sai, God’s Holy Incarnation, although this is not needed for You, realizing Your departing from Your Holy body, in order to show a way for Your devotees, You ordered Sri Vaje to read our Rama Vijayam and thus set an example to our attainment of ultimate goal. Oh Sai! Like having prodded Saint Vijayand to read Bhagavad Parayan on his terminal days bless us too. Through Chanak Leela, like you brought Hemadpant to focus on not  accepting anything through his senses without first thinking of Guru, thereby obtaining Bhakthi, desire free state and ultimate goal- all, we also likewise  wish to remain in life – kindly bless us.
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Photo of H H Sri Saidas Baba taken during his visit to Anna Baba mandir

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